At Safety Sessions we believe good farming and good products go hand in hand. As expert sustainable produce farmers and cannabis growers we saw an opportunity to help set a high standard for smokable hemp flower production. Our production efforts extend yearlong as we apply regenerative soil practices, like overwintering cover crops and composting. We sourced the finest smokable hemp flower genetics on the market and quality controlled only the best seedlings from our greenhouses. Grown beyond organic, with clean and tested water, microbial and myco soil inoculations, added minerals and amino acids for healthy plant growth, and all OMRI certified nutrients, our plants were the picture of health. 

After flushing their roots with only water for their last 2 weeks of growth (to insure a cleaner smoke), we harvested our crop at night and hung it in drying barns with the temperature regulated at a constant 68 degrees f. Doing this took a lot of additional work and time, but was absolutely necessary as most of the plants terpenes and flavonoids (smells and flavors) decay at temperatures above 68 degrees. Once we reach peak dryness, we cured our plants to lock in their flavor and smell, and only then were they ready for market.

We saw the cbd flower market flooded at harvest and recognized that hemp flower pre-rolls were the most accessible market to get our product in the hands of our customers. After some research into the market we realized that most available CBD pre-rolls and cigarettes were being made with sugar leaf or the trim from the flower, at best, and spent biomass that had been run through extraction at worst. This left a bad taste in our mouth (literally), so we decided we would apply the same principles and values we farm with to our Safety Sessions.

All of our Safety Sessions are made with 100% American Grown Hemp Flower, which we are certain will leave you wanting more, and by being the farmers of the flower we are able to even offer our products for less than some of our competitors. We love Farming, we love hemp, and we hope by offering only the best to our customers, you will too.